About us  



Loud Concerts is a booking / promoter agency founded in 2008 in Sofia, Bulgaria. Its founder and CEO Martin Stoyanov has one of the largest experiences in this field in Bulgaria with over 100 shows from 1999 until today.

Before Loud Concerts he was Production Manager at some of the largest promoter companies in the country.

Loud Concerts was born from Martin’s wish to produce better quality shows and to book extraordinary and unique entertainers and bands from different genres. Some of the bands and artists Martin Stoyanov and Loud Concerts have worked with are Enrique Iglesias, Bryan Adams, Zucchero, Andrea Bocelli, Lenny Kravitz, George Michael, Placebo, Paul Van Dyke, The Police, Robin Gibb, Robert Plant, Buena Vista Social Club, Manu Chao, Mr. Big, Ronnie James Dio, Motorhead, Helloween, Scorpions, Motley Crue and Dream Theater to name just a few. 

What we do 

Loud Concerts promotes shows for various artists from different genres, from pop super stars to some of the most worshiped metal bands around. The concerts vary from average sized arena shows to giant stadium filling gigs to outdoor festivals with 15 bands on the roster per day.


Full production services:

Loud Concerts is organizing and providing every aspect of the show production. Here is an extensive list of all available services:

- Staging:

             - Stage Construction

             - PA

            - Lights

            - Backline

- Logistics:

            - Customs Clearences for the artists

            - Parking spots

            - Permits

            - Transport

            - Power Generators

            - Fuel

- Event Scheduling:

 All the teams participating in the event production are following a strict schedule covering every detail of the event process: load in/load out, transfer times, runners, PR crew, soundchecks, security checks, security plans, door times, stage times etc.

- Security

- Gate Control

- Fencing

- Backstage Area:

            - Tents

            - Containers           

- Kitchens and catering 

- Grass protection

- Portable toilets

- Merch POS

Promotion / PR

The PR team is making sure that the news about the upcoming events reach their target audiences by working with all relevant Bulgarian and international medias. From writing press releases, regularly updating Loud Concerts’ websites and profiles on various social networks, scheduling interviews with the artists, meet&greets to organizing large press conferences, they have done it.


Our design department works with the latest technologies and trends in the design field to create great gig posters, logos, outdoor advertising designs,  merch items, websites, internet banners and everything that makes a good looking concert campaign.


Loud Concerts is working with some of the major outdoor advertisement companies in Sofia and the rest of Bulgaria, covering the distribution of all available media such as posters, billboards, flyers etc.

The advertisement is not limited only in print materials. Loud Concerts is also creating stunning TV and radio spots, website brandings and innovative advertising solutions.

Consultant Services

Among its catalog of services Loud Concerts is providing consultant services concerning the overall event planning process:

            - Booking

            - Financing           

            - Production

            - Scheduling / Organization

            - PR Campaigns

            - Advertising

Loud Concerts’ clients vary from private event planners to major telecom companies.